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17 January 2007 @ 00:59
Welcome to firetea! formerly known as moon_shin. I decided to create a new graphic journal cause I got sick of the other one :D

This is the recource post. Recources behind the cut.

brushes and textures


images and scans

daisukidayo (Ai Otsuka.)
Whoresque (Avatar; ATLA)
Ayu-Vogue. (Ayumi Hamasaki)
Spiritual Candy. (Bleach)
Hidden prodigy network. (Bleach
Gloriosa. (Final Fantasy
Ephemeral. (Gackt)
Love Potion no.9 (Gackt)
Bohemian's Gallery. (Horikita Maki)
Boys_paper. (Japanese boybands)
Everyone Needs Nana. (Nana)
heat-land (Kumi Koda.)
luv_4_kuu (Kumi Koda.)
w-inds. omnipresence. (w-inds.)
Yamapi Time!. (Yamapi)
Hello Ziyi (Zhang Ziyi)

Icon table generator

Icon table generator.

If I forgot to credit you, please let me know ^^.



Must I comment and credit your icons everytime?
Yes, whenever you use my stuff please comment and credit.

Can I edit your graphics
No, I really prefer you don't. But if u want to please ask me first :)

Can I join this community
Ofcoursee XD

Can we affiliate?
Sure just comment on the most recent post in this community :)

Do u take requests

Uhh... no sorry XD

There! if u have any other questions feel free to ask me :D
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Heatherpernwebgoddess on 18th January 2007 04:25 (UTC)
While I like it, the top graphic does weird things, like covering my LJ bar.
hinamori_chan on 18th January 2007 11:25 (UTC)
You mean the layout?
I'm sorry I don't use the LJ bar so I didn't knew.
Heatherpernwebgoddess on 18th January 2007 16:31 (UTC)
The very top part, with the (Cloud?) image, left bar, just above the calendar.

I did a screenshot so you can see what I mean.
hinamori_chan on 18th January 2007 16:53 (UTC)
Ohh I see! but I'm not sure how to fix it..
I'll ask absonant since they created this override ^^

Thank you for letting me know :)
Heatherpernwebgoddess on 18th January 2007 16:55 (UTC)
np. :) I live to debug other people's websites. :)